The MECC’s story is one about a team of people. A team whose aim and firm conviction is to give more than people expect. It might sound simple, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It means that one thoughtful call when your customer has an important day, that bottle of wine that is waiting for you after you have paid us a visit, pro-active thinking on a broad range of issues and even the willingness to get out of bed in the middle of the night when you’re needed. No request is too extreme. Why? Because for us, there is only one thing that matters: our customers’ success. To achieve this, we are prepared to do more than what is expected of us. We push the boundaries of expectations, and our goal is to surpass them. In other words, to go the extra mile and exceed even our own expectations. This doesn’t just apply to customer satisfaction, but it also has a literal meaning. At the MECC, our customers can cross borders and surpass their own expectations. Think of us as a gateway to Europe, with three national borders within a half-hour drive; this is a unique mix we believe in. It is a mix that can be summarised in two words. Are you also looking for the same thing? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Mission & vision

Achieving excellence together in creating entertainment, connecting businesses and sharing knowledge

Social involvement

Social involvementAt MECC Maastricht, business decisions are never taken on purely commercial grounds. We place a priority on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Not only is this evident from our Golden Green Key certification and our methods that take sustainability and the environment into account, but also in our approach to the well-being of people both within and outside of the organisation. We believe it is our duty (and only logical) that we don’t just think about ourselves in our actions, but also about others. This is why our policy is focused on supporting local and other good causes as well and often as we can, and to make a positive contribution to the welfare of our surroundings.

Quiet Community Maastricht

2018 marks MECC Maastricht’s 30th anniversary and will be celebrating this special occasion by making an effort for others. Quiet Community Maastricht is a foundation that works closely with local sponsors to increase awareness about poverty. Together, they offer people living in poverty something that they would normally not be able to afford. Quiet Community Maastricht also wants to give its ‘members’ the opportunity to (re-)discover their talents and put them to use, as a volunteer for example. Throughout 2018, MECC Maastricht will be developing and boosting various initiatives to support Quiet Community Maastricht.


MECC Maastricht has been awarded the Green Key Gold Label. This Green Key Gold Label is confirmation that, in its business operations, MECC Maastricht takes optimal account of the consequences of its actions for the environment and society. MECC Maastricht sets itself apart through its conscious approach to energy and the environment without sacrificing comfort or quality. This allows MECC Maastricht to offer event organisers and visitors the opportunity to choose a venue where safety, sustainability and respect for the environment are inextricably linked to business operations.


Each year, MECC Maastricht organises and welcomes a vast array of cultural, sports and academic events and congresses that focus on the most diverse topics and target markets. MECC Maastricht offers a place where people with different interests and backgrounds can meet, share knowledge and have fun, making it a venue that plays an important role in the cultural education of visitors and organisers.


When MECC Maastricht was founded in 1988, its most important goal was to generate economic spin-off and create job opportunities for the city of Maastricht and environs. Year after year, MECC Maastricht succeeds in generating around 70 million Euros worth of economic spin-off for the city of Maastricht and creates extra job opportunities, both directly and indirectly.

It also offers a platform for sharing knowledge and is a connecting factor between various academic institutions in the city and region such as Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+), Maastricht University (UM) and Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Within the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, MECC Maastricht represents the centre of an inspiring and stimulating campus environment for top national and international institutes, particularly those active in the field of life sciences and health. MECC Maastricht and the conference centre in particular not only represent a substantial value for business activities and employment but are also vital to the further development and positioning of Southern Limburg as an international knowledge region.


MECC Maastricht is a guarantee for partnership and aims to become a full-fledged partner that takes a pro-active approach to assisting with the organisation of an event, making things as easy as possible for clients. Organisers can rely on the professional and dedicated support of our employees 24/7, both during the preparations for and the realisation of an event. We also apply a one-stop-shop principle where we can be of service when it comes to all aspects of an event, from cleaning services to catering. In order to be able to offer these services, we work closely with our preferred suppliers, all of which are based locally and supplement our own efforts as optimally as possible.

Supervisory Board

• A.C.M. (Albert) Verlinde, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
• Drs. C.J.W.M. (Lian) Doesburg RA
• Prof.dr. M.G. (Marielle) Heijltjes, Commissioner


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