Online events may take place without an audience and taking into account the applicable measures. Are you looking for a unique and innovative way to connect with your audience? In these awkward “social distancing” times, an online/hybrid event might be the solution. The brand new, state-of-the-art MECC Studio can facilitate this. And it can be combined with a live event on location if required.

For personal advice or questions, please contact Simon Bozon at or +31 (0)6 12 96 89 62

  • Rate for 3 hours
  • Do you need a recording in a professional studio, but are the packages of our state-of-the-art MECC Studio too expensive for you? We also offer an accessible light package with which you can reach your target group in an innovative way, without having to pay for things you don't need.
  • Technology 1x HD remote operated camera, 1x wired microphone, 48 ”presentation screen, 1x small viewing screen, 1x presentation laptop and presenter, 1x light set, Livestream facilities to any desired platform
  • Crew AV technicus, projectmanager, dutymanager
  • Includes parking for 1 car
  • Per half day (max. 4.5 hours)
  • Broadcast in which the setting is filmed by 3 cameras. Suitable for a dialogue / panel discussion with participants present in the studio, or for giving a presentation that is switched on full screen by a director.
  • Technology 3x cameras, 6x microphones, presentation screen, 4x decor screens, 2x viewing screen,
  • Crew live director, sound engineer, project management, duty management
  • Including coffee, tea and water
  • Per half day (max. 4.5 hours)
  • The added functionalities make it possible to incorporate and switch between multiple pre-recorded items and presentations, and the speaker receives additional support. One extra manned camera is included which creates more dynamic shots.
  • BASIC package including the following extras:
  • Technology manned camera
  • Crew camera operator, switching technician
  • Per half day (max. 4.5 hours)
  • With the PREMIUM package, you can organize a dynamic live broadcast. With two manned cameras, switching can be done even better and with the additional crew members, the online event can be taken to an even higher level. Additional lighting and the use of title bars for speakers are also included. The floor manager ensures that the event runs smoothly and is the linking pin between the technology and the program.
  • BASIC package including the following extras:
  • Technology 2x manned cameras
  • Crew 2x camera operators, switching technician, light operator, lower third operator, floormanager
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