11th edition of National Delta Congress coming to MECC Maastricht in November

During this period of crisis and concern about the coronavirus outbreak, working on the long-term challenge of the Delta Program seems relative. Nevertheless, it is important that work on the safety and quality of life of the vulnerable delta in the Netherlands continues. The 11th edition of the National Delta Congress will therefore open its doors on 12 November 2020 in MECC Maastricht. The aim of this congress is to connect everyone who is active in the field of water, and all those who are particularly involved in the development of the Delta Program. More than 1,500 visitors are expected from social organizations, the business community, knowledge institutions and governments.

Maastricht: an excellent location
Delta Commissioner Peter Glas stated when announcing the location for this year’s congress: “I am very pleased that we have chosen Maastricht this year for our annual National Delta Congress. An excellent place to meet the delta community. This year it was 25 years ago that the river area in the Netherlands had to cope with high water. In the province Limburg this was even the case twice in a short time, in 1993 and 1995. It seems like a long time ago, but the consequences are still noticeable. In the memory of the local people who had to endure it, but also in the projects that are carried out by the Delta Program and the Flood Protection Program.”

Provincial Executive Carla Brugman is also proud that the 11th National Delta Congress will take place in MECC Maastricht. “Climate change requires a change in thinking. We are facing major challenges. The water system must be adapted to manage weather extremes. We must work together to achieve this. It is great that the National Delta Congress 2020 will take place in our province. Many people are unaware that Limburg is a water-rich province. I consider it extremely valuable that everyone associated with the Delta Program will be able to share knowledge in Maastricht.”

Maartje Nollen, Business Development Manager at MECC Maastricht adds: “We are very honored that MECC Maastricht can welcome the National Delta Congress this year. Given the challenging and exceptional circumstances surrounding the corona crisis, we appreciate it even more that the organization of the National Delta Congress has expressed their confidence. We are looking forward to a successful edition in Maastricht.”

National Delta Congress 2020 program set-up 
According to Delta Commissioner Peter Glas, we are constantly faced with new challenges: “In the field of water safety with a possible rise acceleration of sea level rise and fresh water availability during times of drought. But we also want to protect ourselves against climate change and weather extremes by means of spatial adaptation. The Delta Program 2021, which will be offered on “Prinsjedag” (or Budget Day), also contains the first recalibration of the Delta decisions and strategies that we drew up in 2014. The Integrated River Management (IRM) program in in full development in the river area. In short: there is more than enough to discuss. I look forward to welcoming everyone to Maastricht on 12 November 2020.”

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