The world series of fitness hyrox coming to mecc maastricht yearly from 2021 – 2024

The Original World Series of Fitness HYROX is coming to Maastricht for the first time on 23 January 2021 and a contract has been signed for the coming editions from 2021 to 2024. This is the second ever HYROX event in the Netherlands. Maastricht is proud to have been added to the destination list next to cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Basel, Vienna and Amsterdam. HYROX is a unique indoor fitness competition designed for both amateurs and professional athletes. Competitors at all events cover the same course with up to 3,000 participants competing each time. 

Maastricht as host city in the Netherlands
Maastricht has been chosen by HYROX as one of the two locations in the Netherlands, next to Amsterdam. Christian Tötzke, Founding Partner & Managing Director of HYROX states: “The location in the heart of Europe, with Germany and Belgium just a stone’s throw away, makes it possible to easily reach these markets. Decisive in our choice for MECC Maastricht are the professionalism and flexibility of its employees. You just know that you are in good hands and that everything is being taken care of.” Events such as HYROX are of great value for MECC Maastricht and for the city of Maastricht and its surrounding area. The economic spin-off is huge and of great importance for the further development and positioning of Maastricht and the region as an international knowledge region. Oana Cipca, Business Development Manager Exhibitions at MECC Maastricht: “We are extremely proud that such a leading international event has chosen the city of Maastricht and MECC Maastricht and has committed to the coming four year from 2021 to 2024. We are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

The HYROX concept: a global fitness competition for everyone
The competition consists of races which can be completed as an individual or in pairs and are composed of eight 1km runs which include a functional workout after every kilometer. Events are measurable via a timing chip allowing individuals to compare results of both single and double competitors across women's and men's amateur and professional divisions as well as age groups through the HYROX Global Rankings. Each season culminates with the HYROX World Championships where the athletes with the fastest times from each division in each city go head-to-head. More information can be found on 

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